Tamar Braxton Did Not Get Dropped From Epic Records

Folks just love to crip walk on you when you’re down.

Days after Tamar Braxton was fired from “The Real,” reports surfaced saying the singer had also been dropped from Epic Records due to poor album sales.

The Daily Mail Online reported:

Unfortunately, Tamar’s solo music career is also looking bleak. Her most recent CD ‘Calling All Lovers’ has only sold a fraction of the sales of her previous effort, ‘Love and War,’ and her record company Epic Records had quietly dropped her from its roster.

‘Sadly, there’s no solo career to concentrate on. After being previously dropped from five record labels prior to landing at Epic, she’s now been dropped a sixth time and will have to start all over again,’ the source revealed.

The good news is an executive at Epic Records told Bossip, “Tamar didn’t get dropped. The rumors are untrue.”

Won’t he do it?!

As the blame game continues…show runner/executive producer Rachel Miskowiec, is reportedly the one who stabbed Tamar in the back when she made the decision to ax her from “The Real.”

Just in case you were wondering.

Tamar Braxton better stayed prayed up.

Life is coming at her fast, but she’s going to be alright.

Your thoughts?