Michael Kors doesn't like black people rumor


Michael Kors is the latest victim of a satire site that claims the fashion designer admitted he’s “tired of pretending to like black people.”

Long story short…it’s a flat out lie.

It’s very important that you learn the difference between reliable sources and these satire sites that are popping up by the dozens. They post outlandish stories to enrage you and to trick you into clicking on their sites.

Last year, it was a satire site that created the fake story about Taye Diggs saying “black women are less submissive and harder to deal with.”

Taye Diggs Slams Reports He Dissed Black Women

Please use your common sense when reading these stories and take a moment to Google. It’s your friend and it will save you the embarrassment of spreading fake stories all over social media.

Don’t be a part of the problem.