Jimmy Green wrote:

It’s crazy no matter what I do right y’all wrong it I’ve been by larks side forever I love her I would never sell her out if I could tell you my pain you will understand but I can’t I was a bad man no matter how good I acted y’all dogged me out .guess what tho it’s all bullhorn I ain’t selling no tape I don’t want nothing from the divorce I would rather just be cool with lark I love her my babe but moms will put me in jail first I love her and did this for a reason news broke out y’all start getting old pics of lark calling them new who sent you don’t use mine tho.if you hear me lark I love you forever and I just made you the most talked about person period.tell your mother she is welcome I could of kept quiet and made money off this some things are more important I love you lark Voorhees smile and handle business ok you on Dr Phil want you on and you have business in New York. I told your mother I guess she wanted us divorced first cool.immature be on the radio interview and all I would love for you to be there.love you always

It’s good to know Jimmy isn’t trying to sell a sex tape.

What a messy mess!

Photo: Facebook

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