Beyonce - A Star is Born - just a rumor


Bradley Cooper Shuts Down Rumors Of Beyonce In A Star Is Born

Beyonce fans rejoiced after Page Six reported the mega star had landed a leading role in Bradley Cooper‘s remake of A Star is Born.

Unfortunately, it’s just a rumor…according to Bradley.

Via E! News:

Don’t go looking for Bradley Cooper and Beyoncé popping up on the big screen together anytime soon.

Despite a report that the singer has signed on to star alongside the American Sniper actor in a remake of A Star Is Born that he will also direct, Cooper says it’s not true.

“Just a rumor,” Cooper told me last night at the premiere of his new David O. Russell-directed dramedy Joy.

“But with that said, I would be honored obviously with to work with her in any capacity,” he said.

Peep the video.

Welp, the word on the curb is the Queen Bey is looking for an iconic role to slay, but this won’t be it. For now, at least.


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