Romeo Miller - Toneata Morgan


Romeo Miller is in an interracial relationship and he wants everyone to know it.

Master P‘s son rubbed many of his fans the wrong way over the weekend when he shared a photo of himself and his beauty pageant girlfriend, Toneata Morgan.

Romeo took his Malibu boo on her very first trip to New York City and the two of them snapped an “us-ie” for the Gram.

The pic was cute. How Romeo chose to caption the photo is what turned a lot of people off.

That face you make when you take a selfie w/ your white gf and you thinking about all of the racist comments that’s bout to be under your comments lol

Naw but really … just trying to show my boo @toneatam the city (since it’s her 1st time), but it’s cold as hell, I swear I’m not crying haha

#NewYorkCity #IDontTakeSocialMediaSerious #JustLive #InterracialDatingIsOk #Its2015 #IJustLoveWomen #BlackOrWhite

Many of Romeo’s fans questioned why he felt the need to emphasize his girlfriend was white. He later deleted the word “white” from the post.

Also, why is he thinking about racists comments if he doesn’t take social media seriously?

I personally got a kick out of him saying, “Interracial Dating Is Ok.” Really!? Thanks for the memo, Romeo. *sarcasm*

It looks like Lil Romeo cares about his girlfriend being white more than anyone else does.

Clearly, his ICDC classes haven’t taught him anything.

Photo: Instagram