Romeo Miller Address His Family Drama In An Open Letter

Romeo Miller is breaking his silence on his parent’s nasty divorce that his ripped their family apart.

Master P and Sonya Miller have been engaged a knockdown drag out for two years after she filed for divorce in October 2013.

Master P Says Wife Sonya Miller Won’t Be Partying & Laying Up With Her Boyfriend In His House

Sonya recently sued Romeo and accused him of helping his father hide assets from her.

In Romeo’s “Letter of Hope,” he opens up about having to go through the tribulations of his life in the public eye and addresses being sued by his mother.

Today I was SERVED by my own mother and although it hurts, I know that she can’t be 100% behind all of the ridiculous moves but instead is being guided by another’s greed.

I haven’t spoken to my mother in months due to advice she’s taking from her lawyers. It sucks because the only reason I’ve ever worked so hard was to make my mother proud.

Romeo added, “Fame for me is part of my job, but I would trade it all just for my family to have happiness once again.”

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