Maaaaan, Elton John’s got some hits. In the new movie, Rocketman we learn how he amassed those hits; not just musically, but physically!

“Rocketman” stars Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Steven Mackintosh. This is the biopic of Elton’s life: His young, formative years up until around the time his smash hit “I’m Still Standing” was released.

With most biopics, you always see a certain formula: The growing up, the breakthrough, the drugs, the sex, the downfall, and the comeback. Well, that would be the same here, HOWEVER, the way in which Elton’s life is told through the camera is brilliant. I do believe this is one of the greatest biopics ever made.

Director Dexter Fletcher turned what could’ve been another cliché rock star biopic into a masterpiece. Not only is this story well-written and extremely well-performed, it’ done so through music. To be more specific, “Rocketman” is part biopic, part musical. Pivotal scenes are performed as musical numbers, and when I tell you those scenes are the most effective scenes shot – dayum!

Alluring dialogue is followed by eye-catching musical scenes that don’t interrupt the flow of the emotional hook at all. They end up making the scene even more dynamic. Egerton as Elton John is f’ing fantastic. This is the same dude from the Kingsman: The Secret Service movies…wow. He becomes Elton John to the point where you think he’s even better than the real Elton. Egerton also does his own singing. That’s him, he’s not lip-synching a dayum thing.

Jamie Bell as Elton’s best friend and co-writer Bernie Taupin is as equally exceptional. These two are the epitome of the word friendship with their chemistry and dialogue. Through the highs and lows, Bernie is a true homie, not a yes-man. Howard and Mackintosh as Elton’s parents give “Rocketman” an added emotional boost. Your parents can either make you or break you, and their performances will either make or break YOU.

Visually, “Rocketman” is a breathtaking, flamboyant, gritty spectacle – textbook Elton John. This truly gives you some perspective of his life experiences. Cramped little hole-in-the-wall clubs to L.A’s iconic Troubadour to Capacity-filled sold-out arenas…sheesh! This flick covers Elton’s most triumphant accomplishments and his most appalling disgraces. There are some scenes many may deem as unsettling as well so I’m forewarning you – be prepared for anything. “Rocketman” is one helluva movie.

You’ll find yourself singing classic tunes you know, and googling tunes you’ve never heard of. I think true Elton John fans will love this and learn things -good or bad- about this dude. Casual fans will absolutely marvel at his life.

I’m co-signing “Rocketman” to the fullest! The movie universe can never have too many stars, and “Rocketman” is blasting off to be among them.

Did you check out Rocketman over the weekend?

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