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VIDEO: About That Time When Robin Thicke Sounded Like Rick James Talking About Stomping Eddie Murphy’s Couch

“Blurred Lines” deposition video released.

Footage of Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams‘ videotaped depositions from their “Blurred Lines” lawsuit was released on Monday.

Marvin Gaye’s children sued the gentlemen for copyright infringement and won a hefty $7.4 million verdict in March.

During the trial, we were privy to some of Robin’s interesting testimony where he blatantly threw Pharrell under the bus, admitted he doesn’t mind lying for a cause, and revealed he was high and drunk most of 2013.

Although the case is money in the bank and water under the bridge (until the appeals pop off), I had to share the clips of Robin Thicke’s testimony where he sounds like Rick James recalling the time he stomped Eddie Murphy’s couch.

Lawd, you better be careful if you’re doing dirt with Robin….

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