Robert Glasper Blasts Lauryn Hill

Grammy and Emmy Award-winning pianist Robert Glasper had a Lauryn Hill Tea Party when he stopped by “The Madd Hatta Morning Show” and aired out the beloved singer/rapper.

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According to Robert, Lauryn is by far the hardest artist he has ever worked with.

He detailed how the band would rehearse 10 hours a day with an indecisive Lauryn, who was constantly changing her show.

It eventually led to Lauryn deciding the cut the band’s pay in half because she wasn’t “feeling the way they were learning the music.”

Robert said:

We rehearse a whole week, maybe 10 hours a day.

Every day she comes in and changes the show, changes what she wants to do. Completely. The last rehearsal, she doesn’t show up.

Her manager shows up and says, ‘Lauryn’s not really feeling the way you guys have been learning the music, so we’re gonna cut your pay in half.’

The last rehearsal. The day before the show. ‘We’re gonna cut your pay in half.’

But, that wasn’t all. Grab your crumpets…

Robert Glasper also accused Lauryn Hill of stealing music for her iconic album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

You can’t come into a situation, especially when you’ve already stolen all my friend’s music.

’Miseducation’ was made by great musicians and producers that I know, personally. So you got a big head off of music you didn’t even write.

He added:

I’ve met Stevie Wonder and hung out with Stevie Wonder.

I’ve met Quincy Jones and hung out with Quincy Jones. I’ve met Herbie Hancock, hung out with Herbie Hancock.

If those three people can be cool, Lauryn Hill should be able to be cool.

You haven’t done enough to be the way you are. You just have not. The one thing you did that was great, you didn’t do!



Watch the tea-spilling interview below.


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