Very sad news…

Rapper Fredo Santana died at his Los Angeles home on Friday after suffering a fatal seizure. He was 27-years-young.

According to TMZ, Fredo’s girlfriend came by his house around 11:30 p.m. and found him unresponsive.

The Chicago Tribune reports, the rapper, real name Derrick Coleman, suffered a major health crisis last October.

October 2017 was the rapper’s first significant health scare. A friend found him in the midst of a seizure. The subsequent hospitalization would delay release of a new mixtape.

In an Instagram status update from the hospital, Santana wrote: “Been in here since Friday. Doctor say … kidney failure an liver failure. I’m getting back to normal. Sorry to all my fans turbo bandana will not be dropping tomorrow due to my health issues. Thanks for everyone who prayed … I wouldn’t wish this on my worse enemy.”

After that incident, Santana vowed to seek help, and began speaking out about the dangers of drug abuse. A December 2017 Instagram Live video showed the rapper looking healthy, at one point saying, “Hope you been staying away from that lean. … Do I look like I been sippin’ lean?”

Fredo Santana leaves behind an 8-month-old son.

My condolences and prayers to Fredo’s family and friends.