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Ride Along 2 Review

I’m sitting here thinking of some inexplicable duos. Duos that make absolutely zero sense to you and I but make all the sense in the world to them. Take for instance, Jay Z and Beyonce. Now, that’s a dayum unusual duo. Remember when we first heard they were together? We were all like, what the !@#% is Bey doing with Jay Z?! She’s so beautiful and sophisticated and he’s…he’s…well, you know what you were saying! Now look at ‘em. They’re stiiiiill together, and happy as hell, and we feel stupid for doubting this relationship. Who knew? How about iced coffee? Ice AND coffee? Who the hell thought of that monstrosity? Coffee is supposed to be HOT, for Christ’s sake! It’ll never work. Well, the joke’s on us. When places like McDonald’s starts selling iced coffee, you know you’ve officially reached superstar status, and I hate hot coffee, but LOOOOVE that cold shyt. Go figure. Now, the duo that baffles us the most has to be, unequivocally, beyond a shadow of a doubt…Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. Yeah, let that sink in for a minute. When did these two become besties? Hey, no matter how odd this couple may seem, their first movie “Ride Along” did Will Smith-numbers, making $153,262,184.00 worldwide! These buddies are back with the sequel, “Ride Along 2”. Will you want to ride along with this film, or will you get taken for a ride? Let’s go!

“Whoop, whoop…that’s the sound of the police!” Reigning king of comedy Kevin Hart and legendary emcee Ice Cube start the engine once again in the movie, “Ride Along 2”. It’s directed by Tim Story (“Fantastic Four”, “Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer”) and produced by Will Packer (“Think Like a Man”, “No Good Deed”). Since the last movie, Ben Barber, played by Kevin Hart, is fresh out the Police Academy and now a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed rookie cop…and still getting on his soon-to-be brother-in-law James Payton’s nerves, played by Ice Cube. James is assigned to go to Miami to find a connection between an arrested dope dealer in Atlanta and possible cohorts there. Of course, Ben, anxious to show James how much he can help, irritates the hell out of James until he finally gives in. That’s sort of the plot. I say that because during the opening scene, there’s a storyline which introduces a plot involving some thievery, then in the very next scene, we get ANOTHER storyline which introduces a completely different plot, but somehow the two are supposed to be connected…oh kaaaaaay. This may sound convoluted, and it is to a point, but the comedy quickly takes over, almost like hypnosis, and makes you forget that you were ever confused in the first place. Maybe that’s a good thing. “Ride Along 2” is funny, very funny. You know how it was when you were a kid and you did something really bad and your parent’s wrath was about to fall upon you, but all of a sudden, you said or did something hilarious and distracted them with your charm and comedic timing? Well, that’s what this movie does.

For a Buddy-cop film, well, it ain’t too bad. As I said, the movie is funny. So funny in fact, that you truly cannot take it serious. Even when it tries to be serious, the overall tone undermines those moments. But, it’s funny (I HAVE to keep saying this, y’all). The characters are a bit cliché. You have your overly anxious rookie cop desperately seeking the approval of his big brother-type partner. You have your tough-as-nails veteran who doesn’t want to be bothered by the rookie. You have your no-nonsense female counterpart cop that reminds you of the tough-as-nails cop (I smell a love story…maybe), and you have your ultra-diabolical villain. They’re almost caricatures. Outside of Hart and Cube, who have pretty good chemistry, by the way, there’s no interesting character development because those characters are…cliché. But, it’s funny. There are A LOT of funny scenes but some of them make no sense. Accidental shootings, alligator encounters, and video-game themed car chases (you gotta see it to believe it) are gut-busters, I mean hee-lar-e-us, (“hilarious” for the ones that are like, “whaaat?”) but they don’t really move the story along if you happen to be in the mood for a well-written storyline. I was laughing myself silly at the jokes and mindless humor, and it kept me from focusing on the heart of the story (pun intended). Maybe that was Tim Story’s intention to begin with, I don’t know. In the end, “Ride Along 2” had me in the backseat laughing my a$$ off, but I kept missing my stop. I forgot where I was going.

“Ride Along 2” is better than its predecessor. The budget is bigger, the location is better, and the jokes are funnier. The acting, direction, and storyline, however, are…uh ruh. This could be perceived as a parody of “Bad Boys”. Now that I think about it, Marlon Wayans probably would’ve been a better director. Hart, in my opinion, is playing the same character in every one of his films. His stand-up routines are amazing, but he needs to start challenging the writers and himself if he ever wants to be taken seriously as an actor. Ice Cube is Ice Cube. His range is versatile, just go back and watch movies like “Are We There Yet?”, “Friday”, “Boyz n da Hood”, and “Higher Learning”. For the hundredth time, this is a funny flick, not too big on substance, though, and I’m giving it a Matinee Co-sign. This unusual duo may need to see other people then come back to each other, or get some better writers and directors. But, it’s funny…

Did you see Ride Along 2?

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