Rick Ross - Sorry video - Lira Mercer


Well, well, well….

Rick Ross and Lira Mercer may have pulled a fast one on us based on his new music video for “Sorry” featuring Chris Brown.

The couple’s alleged split last week, where Rozay called off their engagement, appears to have been a publicity stunt to promote his single and video for “Sorry.”

Lira Mercer - Rick Ross - Sorry video-1


In the video, Lira finds out Rick Ross is cheating on her, they have a huge fight, she packs up her thongs and furs, and moves out.

Rick Ross & Lira Mercer Call Off Their Engagement – Could This Be The Reason Why…

He calls, apologizes, and she’s back wearing her engagement ring again. Sound familiar?

Lira Mercer - Rick Ross - Sorry video


Last week, Rozay allegedly called off his engagement after an argument and Lira moved out. But, the night before the video drops, they’re back together and all boo’d up on Snapchat.

Rick Ross & Lira Mercer Are Back On After Calling Off Their Engagement! (Pics)

Watch the video.