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Rick Ross Countersues His Alleged Pistol-Whipping Victims – Claims They’re In Cahoots With 50 Cent

Rick Ross is clapping back at the groundskeeper and another man, who accused him of kidnapping and pistol-whipping them at his Fayetteville, Georgia home in June, by filing a countersuit against them.

Ross, born William Roberts,  and his bodyguard was arrested and charged with kidnapping, aggravated battery, and aggravated assault for allegedly pistol-whipping Jonathan Zamundio and Leonardo Caceres. Rick spent a week in jail and is currently out on $2 million bail.

[Rick Ross Arrested AGAIN In Atlanta On Charges Of Kidnapping & Aggravated Assault]

Zamudio and Cacares, along with several family members, filed a lawsuit against Rick Ross in August claiming the rapper stormed into the guest house, where they were living, and beat them with a gun.

In his countersuit, Rick Ross is calling the entire lawsuit a shakedown to extort him for money. He also points out the connection between his accusers and his archnemisis, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

Ross feels the men may have been in cahoots with the mogul, which further speaks to their lack of credibility.

Read the full statement released by Rick Ross’ attorneys regarding his countersuit on page 2. 

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