Rick Ross Addresses Trump & Prison Reform In His 'Free Enterprise' Video

As the reality of the 2016 election sinks in, Rick Ross releases the official music video for “Free Enterprise,” where he calls for the assassination of Donald Trump and addresses prison reform.

In the Ryan Snyder-directed visual, Rawse raps:

Assassinate Trump like I’m Zimmerman
Now accept these words as they came from Eminem
Democratic party sentenced to the pendulum
Killing them, I voted for André Benjamin

Of course, Trump’s name was censored. You can’t just threaten the president elect all willy nilly.

The visual shows a gun-toting man walking down the street with an adorable little boy. Their quality time is interrupted by undercover cops, who arrest him in front of the child.

A caption read, “1 in every 15 African-American men are incarcerated in comparison to 1 in every 106 white men.”

Watch below.

Your thoughts on the video?