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Richard Pryor’s Widow Backs Richard Jr. & Calls Paul Mooney A ‘Broke B*tch’

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Laaaaawd, just when you were hoping the dust would settle, Richard Pryor‘s widow, has joined the scandalous conversation.

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Jennifer Lee Pryor took to Twitter and stated the allegations of an encounter between her stepson, Richard Jr., and Paul Mooney is true to her knowledge.

According to Jennifer, Richard Jr. “announced” the alleged encounter to a room full of guests at a luncheon following his father’s funeral.

Peep her tweet below.

Jennifer Lee Pryor - Richard Pryor - Paul Mooney

Jennifer shut down the notion that she and Richard Jr. are after money.

She went on to make it very clear how she feels about Paul Mooney when she referred to him as a “broke bish” who has been trying to lay claim to her late husband’s copyrights.

Jennifer Lee Pryor - Richard Pryor - Paul Mooney

Meanwhile…back at the ranch. Paul Mooney is still denying everything through his rep and he has abandoned his social media accounts.

Based on Richard Pryor Jr.’s convo with TMZ, he doesn’t want to rehash whatever happened between him and Paul.

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