Rich Dollaz was allegedly arrested on Thursday, October 24, for failing to pay his child support, but he’s telling a different story.

According to TMZ, the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office scooped the “Love & Hip Hop” star from his New Jersey home for owing the mother of his child $125,000 in unpaid support.

Rich Dollaz arrested child support

Richie was processed at the jail and taken to Hudson County Family Court for a hearing. He posted $20,000 bond and agreed to start making his monthly child support payments.

However, Rich Dollaz is telling a different story. He claims he is not a deadbeat father and he has been making his child support payments on time since his last arrest in 2014.

He told Hollywood Unlocked he was actually arrested for failure to appear in court – NOT failure to pay child support.

One thing is for certain – he was arrested. Hopefully, he has all of his ducks in a row now.

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