Kanye West - Rhymefest - Donda's House Inc

While many are enjoying Drake‘s lyrical jihad on Pusha T and Kanye West, Rhymefest sees it as an opportunity to help the youth of Chicago.

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The rapper-turned-politician took to social media and made a plea to Drake to step in to help their efforts to turn Kanye’s childhood home into a youth center for the kids.

According to Rhymefest, when he asked Ye to help rebuild his mother’s house – he responded, “F*ck the youth of Chicago!”

Rhymefest - Kanye West - Donda's House

Rhymefest went on to add:

Donda’s House, Inc. has been struggling after Kanye made his pro-Trump remarks. It appears they are also feeling the effect of those who are boycotting Kanye.

On Saturday, they released the following statement:

While we cannot and do not speak for Kanye West and his views, we can and will speak up for the youth that we serve. We ask that those who feel hurt, angered by or frustrated with Kanye West not penalize or throw away their support, respect and advocacy for us.

We ask that as you boycott and protest Kanye West, that you not forget that we are a non-profit organization that like other non-profits needs donations, corporate support and volunteers. We do not want your rejection of Kanye West, to be a rejection of Dr. Donda West and the thousands of lives she impacted including her own son.

We have been unable to secure the financial support of Kanye despite multiple attempts, and despite those early conversations about his plan of support and advocacy for the youth in our programs

I find it ironic that Kanye won’t help the youth in Chicago. Especially, considering the fact that he accused Obama of neglecting the city.



Kanye could have used the $85,000 he spent on the photo of Whitney Houston‘s bathroom to help the foundation.

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Drake yet to respond to Rhymefest’s plea.

Your thoughts?