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Jesse Jackson Has Parkinson’s Disease

Civil rights activist Reverend Jesse Jackson has revealed he’s been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

In a statement released on Friday, 76-year-old Rev. Jackson said:

My family and I began to notice changes about three years ago.

After a battery of tests, my physicians identified the issue as Parkinson’s disease, a disease that bested my father.

Via NBC News:

A neurological disorder with no known cure, Parkinson’s is commonly associated with tremors, stiffness and difficulty with walking and balancing.

Northwestern Medicine in Chicago said in a statement that Jackson was diagnosed with the disease in 2015 and has been treated as an outpatient in the years since.

Congressman Danny Davis, D-Chicago, told NBC Chicago that those who have been close to Jackson recently “have noticed some of the signs.”

Jackson also said that “recognition of the effects of this disease on me has been painful” and that he has “been slow to grasp the gravity of it.”

I’m so sorry to hear this about Rev. Jackson. He’s in my prayers.