Rob Kardashian moves in with Blac Chyna
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Rob Kardashian Moves In With Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna‘s alleged relationship with Rob Kardashian has caused a lot of chatter and given them even more attention…and they’re loving every minute of it.

Now, the scoop on the street is Rob has packed up and moved out of Khloe Kardashian‘s house to shack up with his new boo and her fitness equipment.

Via TMZ:

Rob, who was living at Khloe’s house, has been at B.C.’s digs for 5 days and counting. As for how it happened … we’re told Rob made the first move by DM’ing Chyna 2 weeks ago.

We’re told Rob genuinely likes Chyna and is not hooking up to upset his family … but we’re told it has definitely upset the Kardashian brood. Kylie has been at war with Tyga’s baby mama for more than a year.

Rob is using Chyna’s home fitness equipment to train, with a little inspirational help from her.

Rob and Chyna have known each other for a long time … since she lived across the street from the Kardashians.

Our sources say the Kardashians are outraged at Rob’s hookup. They believe Chyna is manipulating everything and that SHE is the one who first reached out. They also say she’s behind Rob’s sudden interest in Instagram postings. They believe Rob’s horribly depressed and she’s playing into his insecurities for her own gain.

Rob dropped this pic of Chyna on his Instagram account today adding kerosene to the fire:
We could go a few ways with this key.

Is she a “major key” in his road back to fitness? Does she have the key to his heart? Or is this the key to her house where he’s allegedly living?

Your thoughts?

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