Reggie Bush‘s chickenheads have come home to roost!

The Buffalo Bills running back has allegedly knocked up a Miami cocktail waitress he was sleeping with outside of his marriage.

34-year-old Monique Exposito is 6-months pregnant and due to deliver in February. She’s already lawyered up and is laying out her game plan for hefty child support payments.

When Reggie was informed of the pregnancy, he reportedly tried to negotiate an abortion by giving Monique a $3 million payday. Apparently, she kept the money, the baby, and is currently house shopping.

*insert Joanne The Scammer smile*

A DNA test has not been administered, but Reggie said he will step up to his responsibilities if the child is his. (Which pretty much confirms he slept with her.)

According to Bossip, Monique Exposito is also married and already has one child. The scoop on the street is she was Alonzo Mourning’s cut buddy, but it was Reggie who slipped up and made a deposit in her baby bank.

Reggie Bush wife Lilit Avagyan
Reggie Bush & Lilit Avagyan

As far as Lilit, Reggie’s wife, is concerned, TMZ reports the NFL baller left training camp in August to “work things out” with his wife after learning about Monique’s pregnancy.

A rep says they “will remain happily married.” Happily? Oh, aight.

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