Oscar-Nominated Director John Singleton Passes Away At 51 + Celebs Pay Tribute

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It’s with a heavy heart that I report John Singleton has passed away.

The Oscar-nominated director and producer suffered a massive stroke on April 17, just 12 days after his return from a trip to Costa Rica.

There are conflicting reports about him being in a coma, but on Monday morning we learned he was on life support.

The Singleton family made the “agonizing” decision to remove him from life support and John Singleton “passed away peacefully surrounded by his loved ones and friends.”

He was 51.

Singleton became the first black director to receive an Academy Award nomination when he was cited for his debut feature, “Boyz N the Hood.” The 1991 film about the lives of young men in South Central Los Angeles starred Cuba Gooding, Jr., Ice Cube, Angela Bassett and Laurence Fishburne.

His other films include 1993’s “Poetic Justice,” which starred Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur, 1997’s “Rosewood,” and 2003’s “2 Fast 2 Furious.”

Singleton’s recent projects include the FX TV series “Snowfall,” a crime drama set in 1980s Los Angeles. (via CBS 46)

People have already begun to take to social media to grieve John’s passing and pay their respects.


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I really didnt want to believe I'd to have to write something like this about John. I am a believer of miracles. Alas…I met John when my older sister Kelly enrolled at USC in 1986 & quickly became friends with a group of fun loving, black, creative masterminds. They called themselves the "Black Pack" I was 13 then and in awe of how loud and proud they were. Each friend contributing a different vibe and talent. By the time I turned 18 they chaperoned (yeah right ?) my birthday party. When I transferred to UCLA they promised my family they would look out for me & they did. The entire time I've been in Hollywood I knew I had big brothers who had my back & that knowledge gave me wings. While they all accomplished so much, there was John breaking barrier after barrier making dreams into reality and never losing that loud and proud, by any means necessary mentality. Flash forward decades and I'd run into him in the islands or Miami and we'd laugh in awe and glee at how far we'd both come. I will forever be grateful to the Black Pack & John Singleton. You showed me exactly what we can do when we stick together. Love & Light to all his loved ones and fans. Hold onto one another, we are greater together. Rest in eternal peace ????

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This is where it all started. The Genesis – The Genius – The Genre Maker/Star Maker (Taraji P. Henson, Ice Cube, Tyrese Gibson, Lawrence Fishburne, Regina King,Nia Long, Angela Basset, Cuba Gooding, Jr. – in no particular order as these are all great actors/actresses). John Singleton gave me a chance. When I left the audition for "Boyz N' The Hood" as he shook my hand, he gave me a stronger grip than normal and looked me in the eye. I felt he was basically giving me a signal that I had the job without telling me. From there, there was no comprehension of the massive chain of events that was about to follow. People from all over the world literally tell me how they’re affected by Boyz ‘N The Hood. The magnitude and world-wide impact that his ground-breaking film would have for society cannot be measured. Helping to bring awareness of what it takes to come to maturity as a black male in the 'Hood, or die trying… Helping to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced. Dealing with challenges and adversity in life and in general. From that lesson, for anyone who watches Boyz N’ The Hood, we are able to learn a little more about ourselves and each other. Hopefully, we are able to grow, evolve and gain a deeper love and understanding of our humanity. John Singleton, thank you for your vision. Thank you for holding my hand a little stronger. Thank you for connecting with me and thank you for connecting me to history. Thank you for connecting and transcending generations, nationalities, nations, races, communities, societies. Thank you, John Singleton, for connecting us all. #RIP #JohnSingleton

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Damn, this was just the other week ago… I hate doing these post and social media tributes because deep in my heart I don’t feel like they are truly sincere or can even measure up to who we are as people. Is this really for John or just for the likes??? Do we value the attention or the Spirit??? I’m still confused by it all. But brotha this was our last conversation and though I sensed something was up, you took the time to come out and support me and whispered some power wisdom and words of encouragement in my ear. Meant so much to me, knowing that one of the greats had my back! I was humbled then and even more humbled now, that you just took the time. A true Jegna , Visionary, King that wasn’t too self-absorbed to pour into others. You’ve given so many people opportunities and fed into your community with your art and creative leadership. I salute your Eternal Spirit and your work will live on forever. Fight the good fight! Undying Spirit! #Faithful Job Well Done King!?? @JohnSingleton

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I extend my sincerest condolences to the Singleton family and all who loved John.

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