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REPORT: Oscar-Nominated Director John Singleton On Life Support

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John Singleton is still alive despite multiple reports early Monday morning claiming he had passed away.

The Oscar-nominated director and producer suffered a major stroke on April 17 upon his return from a trip to Costa Rica.

According to TMZ, John’s publicist confirmed he is still alive, but he is on life support and he’s non-responsive.

Ryan Parker of “The Hollywood Reporter” also confirmed John is still on life support.

The sad prognosis comes on the heels of his daughter, Cleopatra Singleton, filing court documents stating her father was not in a coma – he was just sedated.

Cleopatra’s filing contradicted John’s mother, Shelia Ward, who filed court documents to be appointed as his conservator.

The erroneous reports of John’s passing began after FOX4 film critic Shawn Edwards took to social media early Monday morning and tweeted, “RIP John Singleton.”


It’s unfortunate when misinformation like this gets out and begins to spread.

Please continue to lift John and his family up in prayers.

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