Bishop Eddie Long hospitalized


New reports have surfaced claiming Bishop Eddie L. Long, has been hospitalized with a very serious illness.

Concerns and rumors spread like wildfire when the megachurch pastor posted a video on Facebook discussing his shocking weight loss and his new raw diet.

Bishop Long has not attended Sunday service since the (now deleted) video was posted on August 15.

During his last sermon, Long’s message was about being “untouchable, unstoppable, and unbreakable.”


The Christian Post is reporting Bishop Long was hospitalized with stage 4 gastro-intestinal cancer. However, their source isn’t very reputable (no shade). So, I would advise you to take the information with a grain of salt until further notice.

On Tuesday morning, Eddie Long participated in New Birth’s weekly prayer call. Many of his members took to Facebook to express their joy in “hearing his voice” and offered him their prayers.

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