Beyoncé To Perform At The 50th Country Music Awards

Surprise Beyhive!

Beyoncé will perform at the 50th Annual CMA Awards, according to Rolling Stone.

There is no official word on what (or with whom) the pop/R&B superstar will perform during the show, but her acclaimed 2016 album Lemonade notably featured the country-steeped track “Daddy Lessons.” Opening with the bright sounds of a New Orleans brass band before letting an acoustic guitar and percussion sketch out a funky rhythm, “Daddy Lessons” depicts a woman’s complex relationship to her father as well as the dark threat of violence when relationships between men and women start to break down. “He told me when he’s gone / Here’s what you do / When trouble comes to town / And men like me come around / Oh, my daddy said shoot,” she sings.

The Beyhive offer this tea via Twitter:
The meme below pretty much sums up the reaction of many Beyoncé fans:

Beyonce performing at CMA
Everyone isn’t happy about the Queen Bey’s performance:
The 50th CMA Awards will air tonight at 8p EST on ABC. Will you be tuned in to see Bey?