Joining Joe Budden‘s “State of the Culture” show on Revolt may have been the worse decision Remy Ma has made since grabbed a gun and went to holla at her homegirl about some money.

The rapper’s opinion and her stance on a variety of topics on SOTC seem to be consistently offensive, confusing and/or downright disappointing.

Remy is currently getting dragged on social media after she defending R. Kelly during a discussion about his forthcoming docuseries, “Surviving R. Kelly.”

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Papoose‘s wife said – and I quote:

Okay so…he went to trial for it before.

We have video of him being intimate with an underaged girl and another video – I don’t think she was underage, but he was like all in her.

Most rapists don’t eat your @$$.


Watch the clip below! (35:00 mark)



Social media is officially sick and tired of Remy.

Peep a few of their reactions to her remarks below


Your thoughts?

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