Remy Ma‘s plans to attend Essence were deterred when she was denied permission to attend.

The raptress, who is currently sporting an ankle monitor, is counting down the days until she is off parole and can resume a normal life.

In a post on her Instagram page, Remy revealed she couldn’t get permission to attend Essence Fest, but she was still productive.

Supposed to be at Essence Fest in New Orleans but the powers that be at parole won’t let me be great (or make money?) sooo I’ve been counting down the days and handling a lot of personal stuff that usually gets pushed to the back burner. Anywho…anyone that KNOWS me knows that when I’m not working it’s no makeup/ regular clothes Rem. So I’m walking to the car coming from the dentist and my husband says “Babe, wait stop” and of course I’m maddd extra like “ Whattttttt babe?” and he says “Nothing, I just wanna take your picture. You look pretty”…?…DEFINITELY caught me off guard and that’s just ONE of the MANY reasons I love @papoosepapoose#BlackLove #MeetTheMackies#RegularRem #CountdownRem#UnRestrictedRemComingSoon#RemyMa

Last month, Remy Ma began her off parole countdown…

Hopefully, she can attend Essence Fest next year.

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