Remy Ma released from hospital
@RemyMa | Instagram

Remy Ma has been released from the hospital and is back at home recuperating after undergoing emergency surgery.

The rapper and reality TV star updated her fans and expressed her gratitude in a message posted on her Instagram page.

I’m FINALLY back home and doing much better. The baby has been PERFECTLY fine since being born Dec. 14th and I’m resting & recovering at home. (Pap is VERY happy, on cloud 9,999?)

Thank you to all of our family, friends, and loved ones who reached out- Sorry for not responding to texts and/or calls – I physically was not able to and my husband @papoosepapoose was concerned & worried about me all while looking after our “Golden Child”.

Also, thank you to all the fans who sent their love and prayers?? We would also like to thank the ENTIRE staff at the hospital (doctors, nurses, aides, even the housekeeping) as well as the AMAZING security team ; not only did you all make sure my family was well taken care of but everyone was very professional and extremely respectful & protective of our privacy; we truly appreciate it – ?

with love, The Mackies #RemAndPap #BlackLove #RemyMa #MeetTheMackies #TheGoldenChild #RemyMafia (I luv y’all ?)

Days after a tough labor and delivery, Remy had to undergo emergency surgery due to postnatal complications.

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I’m very happy to know she and the “Golden Child” are doing well.

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