Reggie Bush and his wife, Lilit Avagyan, took to Instagram on Friday to announce they have launched a GoFundMe campaign with the goal of raising $100,000 to create a trust fund for Nipsey Hussle’s children.

The Nipsey Trust Fund campaign will last for 7 days and in just 6 hours, they have already raised $13,000+.

The description reads:

Nipsey Hussle (Ermias Joseph Asghedom) touched a lot of lives in a positive way. He wanted to make a difference in his community, and communities like it all around the world. As a tribute to Nipsey, I would like to offer support to his children, and all funds from this GoFundMe will be transferred directly into a trust that was created solely for his legacy, his children.

I’m making a donation to start this off. Please join me in honoring him in this way.

This campaign will be open for 7 days – $100,000 will be an amazing help to the family, so we’ll start there and see what this community can do above and beyond that.

Thank you,


Watch below as Reggie and Lilit explain the purpose of the campaign. (Swipe embed for more)


Visit the Nipsey Legacy Fund campaign here.

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