Cardi B’s Real Mixtape Model Speaks Out

The real model on Cardi B‘s “Gangsta B–ch Vol. 1” mixtape cover is speaking out after a man filed a $5 million lawsuit against the rapper.

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Kevin Brophy claims the “Bodak Yellow” rapper used his likeness for the cover of her mixtape, which shows a man with the exact same tattoos as his.

Brophy says he’s 100% sure it’s him even though he’s never met Cardi or took pictures with her.

The real model is now speaking out and has completely poked a hole in this suit like a condom in a groupie’s purse.

The6AtSix posted a video on Instagram where he called BS on the lawsuit and pulled receipts to show he was the model in Cardi B’s cover shoot.

He wrote:

Whoever this f–kin bum a– “Kevin Brophy” is needs to find another way to finesse food for his kids. F–kin lame a– n—a. @iamcardib iunno if this sh-t is real but it’s all over the f–kin internet right now.

Tag Cardi, tag TMZ, tag Worldstar. This n—a a FRAUD n I’m not sue’n cardi for sh-t. Lesson learned??? DONT TRY TO SUE PEOPLE WHEN YOU DONT KNOW WA GWAN! #N—aTriedToFinesse #HeFailed

Watch below.

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Welp. It looks like Mr. Brophy is going to have to go back to the drawing board to find another come up.