The Real Housewives of Atlanta” was out of control on Sunday night!

The shade Phaedra Parks unleashed on newcomer Demetria McKinney was thicker than cold grits and completely unwarranted.

Phae Phae held nothing back as she fired southern belle shots at Demetria about her relationship with Roger Bobb. But, it didn’t end there.

Phaedra went on to inform Demetria McKinney that she was too old to pursue a career as a pop artist. The nail in the coffin was when Shadra asked the girl if she had ever done crack.

Everything came to an ugly head when all of the ladies gathered for dinner in Puerto Rico and ended up hashing everything out.

There was so much reading going on at the table…that I was waiting for Levar Burton to show up with rainbow in tow.

Demetria McKinney made my soul Harlem Shake when she finally checked Phaedra Parks on her BS and let her know they only thing they have in common is the number eight! Yassss!

In a blog post on, Demetria shared her thoughts on her unpleasant experience with Phaedra Parks and added, “A person living in a broken glass house needs to pick up the pieces, not cut someone else because they’re mad.”

n the midst of that sits Phaedra. I have never done anything to this girl!? And I felt that with the degrees she has and the situation she is in, this “Southern Christian belle” can’t seriously be saying these ignorant things. No way! LOL! This was also my first real conversation with her, so I didn’t know her personality and tried to walk away and give her the benefit of the doubt. I also gave her multiple passes on the stupidity due to what she is going through. I tried to keep it cute and classy! But after asking if I had done crack, saying I am too old to pursue my dream, asking if I think my relationship is off kilter, and then to come to Puerto Rico and continue voicing nonsense about my clothes, I knew it had to stop. It’s crazy to me! People will sit there and poke at you in front of people and then get butt hurt when you finally punch them in the face in front of the same audience! Instead of making up some rude, obnoxious fiction, I reminded her of her truth. Something she has tried to get away from by resorting to talking recklessly about not only me but others in public forums. A person living in a broken glass house needs to pick up the pieces, not cut someone else because they’re mad. AND I GAVE HER AN OUT! I asked her, “Do you really want to do this?” All the continued eye rolling and whispered shade gave me the go. Not what I wanted to do, but there’s only so far anyone will let your shade go before they clap back. But on the bright side, at least we know communion bread isn’t so boring!

Do you think Phaedra deserved the superior read Demetria served her?

The shadefest continues next Sunday….