Chance Attacked By Monkey In Thailand

Kamal Givens, best known as Chance from VH1’s “Real Chance of Love,” caught a bad one in Thailand when he was viciously attacked by a monkey.

Via TMZ:

The “real Chance of Love” star was in Thailand Thursday shooting a documentary — “N***** in Thailand” — when he and Ricky Romance started playing with a group of monkeys at a sanctuary. A baby viciously attacked Kamal.

The video begins just before the attack and you hear the cries of a panicked Kamal as the baby goes to town on him.

Monkeys and people freaked.

Kamal was rushed to the ER with gashes on his legs and hand. He got six stitches on his hand and a bunch of bandages to cover the wounds.

Ricky tells us he’s a lucky camper … the monkeys could have ganged up on him and killed him. They’ll be flying back to the United States Saturday.

As for the documentary… they had one day of filming left. It is unclear how they will incorporate the attack.

Before the attack, Chance posted this video with the caption:

Tryna pick a nice monkey to do this scene with me ? this should be fun! ???? ???

Here’s another video from TMZ:

See photos of Chance’s injuries!

Listen – folks gone learn to leave these monkeys alone!

I’m glad he wasn’t seriously injured.