'Ready To Love' Star Alexx Banks Battling Brain Flu, Placed On Life Support

I am extremely sad to report Alexx Banks, one of the stars on Will Packer‘s new dating show, “Ready To Love,” is battling brain flu and has been placed on life support.

The 34-year-old owner of a trucking company came down with the flu last week. In a post on his Instagram page, he wrote:

Flu ain’t no joke. Pray for a brother. Been out of commission since Friday… fever on 100 plus #flu #sick #down #headache #feelingbetter #riseup #thanksgiving was finna be real rough…

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse. Alexx was diagnosed with Influenza B and it spread to his brain.

He’s been hospitalized since November 25 and he’s now on life support according to the GoFundMe page launched by his mother, Veronica.

'Ready To Love' Star Alexx Banks Battling Brain Flu, Placed On Life Support

I am Veronica, the mother of Alexx Blanks. I need to raise funds for his medical and personal care once he is out of the hospital.

Alexx got the flu and couldn’t work. He is a truck driver. He became very ill with the flu and had gone to the hospital but they sent him back home to stay in bed. The next day he was so weak, his family had to go pick him up and take him to a 2nd hospital. He was diagnosed with INFLUENZA B and had become dehydrated and his kidney was damaged because of the dehydration. He was given IV fluids and sent home. (This happened 3 times, still to be sent home) No one hospitalized him. Finally 911 was called and he was taken to the hospital where he has now been since Sun 25th, of November 2018. He was put in ICU with Brain flu.

He is 34 years old and now on life support with a flu virus that has attacked his body and brain. There are other complications that have developed from this Flu virus, it has been VERY AGGRESSIVE

As of now, his medical bills are rising daily and there is no insurance. He is self-employed. Please help raise money for his medical needs. Right now he is not awake but still sleeping from sedations given earlier to calm his brain activity.

We don’t know how long he will sleep but as of now his body is fighting. We need prayers of faith and monies to assist with medical expenses.

Thank you sincerely for your help!!

Will Packer took to social media to ask everyone to pray for Alexx.



Cast members Tiffany Kirk and Mike Bless also took to social media in support of Alexx.




Click here to donate to Alexx’s GoFundMe campaign.

Please join me in sending up prayers for Alexx Banks’ total healing.

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