Gemini Man Movie Review

‘Gemini Man’ Review Written By B. Gunn

If you could go back in time and give the 20-year old you advice, what would it be? If you were Henry Brogen, you’d probably say go to college, save your money, and that whole “trying to kill the older you” thing? Boy, just stay in your room and watch episodes of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”.

Gemini Man stars Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth, Clive Owen, and Benedict Wong. Oh, and Will Smith…again.

No, this movie doesn’t explore the split personalities of men born from May 21st to June 20th, it’s about Henry Brogen, an expert assassin who suddenly finds himself on the receiving end of the hit. That assassin’s going down, Brogen figures, but this ain’t no ordinary hitter! It’s…him? Before I go all the way in on my review, let me give you some backstory on this whole film idea. 

Gemini Man was actually conceived waaaaay back in 1997, but for some reason, no one wanted any parts of this thing. In 2016, a production company purchased the rights, the script was re-written more times than the SAT scores for that college admissions scandal, Will Smith signed on to star, Ang Lee signed on to direct, and a little more than 20 years later – voila – we have…this. THIS, is not that bad of a movie, however, here’s the problem; Gemini Man is marketed as a breakthrough, an innovative flick revolving heavily around the motion-capture and de-aging technology which makes Smith younger instead of focusing on the plot and action surrounding it. Smith does an excellent job in the dual roles. He brings his trademark charisma and wit. Action scenes are intense and magnificent.

The Fresh Prince pretty much carries this film. But, we were led to believe that the de-aging technology would be the next best thing since sliced bread – and it’s not. In fact, you don’t have to even squint to see the difference. During night scenes, you can’t see the disparities much. In the daylight, though…cot-toe-mighty! Clearly you can tell whatever software or makeup was used – it was bad. Bad meaning bad, not bad meaning good. You know how you’re in the club dancing with this fine person, but then lights come on and you see what you’re really dancing with??? Yeah, that’s kinda how young Will looks. 

Director Ang Lee did something with this movie that should’ve been marketed but wasn’t. He filmed Gemini Man in HFR, high frame rate, using a 3D digital format. Ok, Imma get a little technical, but follow me.

Standard films are shot at a rate of 24 frames per second. This joint was shot at a rate of 120 frames per second – in 3D! When I viewed it, I could definitely see its uniqueness. To me, it was the best 3-D movie I’ve seen. But, the studio couldn’t market that too much because there are only 14 theaters in the US with HFR capability (guess I was lucky).

Having said that, they could’ve turned the attention to Smith playing dual roles and the action. The action is good. Very good. The plot was ok, and the co-stars were basically there for exposition. Gemini Man isn’t the best Will Smith movie but it’s not the worst Will Smith movie, either (remember After – Earth?).

With the budget this movie was allotted, it should’ve been better, so I’m giving Gemini Man a morning/midday Co-sign.

Nowhere near a nightmare on my street, but the script just needed a brand new funk. 

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