Bow Wow angry rant

Shad Moss better known as “Bow Wow” took to social media on Wednesday to get a few things off of his chest.

The rapper and “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” star seems to always make headlines for the wrong reasons and he’s tired of it, he’s angry and he’s lashing out at his fans and the media for taking his words – wrist twistin’ and stirrin’ it like it’s stir fry.

During a impromptu Twitter Q&A with his fans it became very apparent that Shad is in a very dark place and needs help.

Read 10 Quotes from Bow Wow’s anger-filled Q&A with his fans below.

On if he wants his own biopic:

Yes because yall don’t know my story AT ALL

On his hometown of Columbus, Ohio:

Ohio don’t f-ck w me. Facts. Weird relationship we have.

On what’s bothering him:

Bored w life. Tired of all this sh-t. Tired of ni–as talking sh-t. Always w my name in they mouth so ima stay with this energy right here. Not taking no sh-t.

On his faith & God:

I dont what to believe. I dont know if there is a God. Is it energy i dont know. My faith never been strong i never felt comfy in churches none of that. Ima weirdo. Thats how ive always been.

On his depression/anger: 

Its anger. Its what yall turned me into. The media. The bloggers. The people. This is what yall wanted. I was the red and blue spiderman. Now im the all black spider man. 

On where he sees himself in the future:

Not far. Because my mind telling me i wont see 35 … my whole life i been paranoid like someone out to get me. Which is crazy. I used to think id die in la when i was younger because of big and pac. I use to be terrified as a child. Crazy thoughts.

On the world: 

I hate this place i swear man i do haha ot drives me crazy tryna understand why we are here

On why he’s angry:

You see how the media do me? They tag on to every f-cking thing i say tweet turn it into headlines. Then they dumb ass followers talk sh-t. Broke ass rappers w my name in they mouth! FOH

On his fans:

Where MY FANS be at when ni–as be chopping me up and the media go in on me? F-cking w every little thing i do? I dont see nobody defending bow. Aint no army for bow. But you love me right? Yeaah ok.. im this goat right? Yeah ok.

On love:

I dont believe in love from people no more. I just dont. I think its fake. Its all fake. Im hated more than loved. So i accept it. Its cool. Ill be the bad guy.

Bow Wow is truly a ticking time-bomb and I seriously hope he gets the help he needs.

He’s experienced so much at a very young age and fame can drive folks nuts when they get it and/or when they lose it.

Pray for Bow Wow.