Ray J took to social media like a politician on Thursday to tell his side of the story after Princess Love accused him of leaving her and their daughter Melody stranded in Las Vegas.

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Ray J denied putting his wife and daughter in harm’s way and double down saying he never even left Las Vegas.

He went on to apologize and he pleaded with his wife to keep their personal issues off of social media.

Brandy’s brother wrote:

Ray J x Princess

My heart has been heavy for the last past week. I miss my baby Melody so much it hurts! I’m so sorry the world has to watch a young relationship like ours fall down.

In order to be solid in a relationship you have to keep people out of it and let God work it out. But this hasn’t been the case. I will continue being the best man and father I can be no matter what’s on the other side.

Without respect there is nothing. Love took a L this time. ?

Watch Ray J’s video plea below.


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Whew chile…Jesus, fix it!