‘Ray Donovan’ Gets Season 6 Renewal

Hey, hey, hey! Showtime has renewed “Ray Donovan,” for a sixth season.

The hit drama series was extremely heavy this season due to the death of a main cast member, but next season Ray is taking his talents and drama to the Big Apple.

Via Variety:

“For our show, creatively, New York is exciting. Fashion, media, finance, theatre, culture. It’s going to present new challenges for Ray Donovan which mean new opportunities for us as dramatists,” said showrunner David Hollander.

“Ray came to Los Angeles to build a life for himself and his family. They’re not there anymore. Ray’s career has changed and he is looking for a place to rebuild his life. Ray thinks he went to New York to help his daughter. He’s going to find out he’s there to help himself.”

I’m here for this, but somebody better get Ray some Timberlands if he’s going to be stomping in NYC.

The season 5 finale of “Ray Donovan” airs on October 29 at 9 p.m.