Raven Symoné Calls For Boycott Of Companies Who Don't Support The Black Community

Raven Symoné

Please extend me the courtesy of a late pass on this post as I don’t watch “The View.”

But, I came across a clip from a show last week, where they were discussing the tragic shooting in Dallas that claimed the lives of five police officers and Raven Symoné offered a suggestion for change.

I’m sure you’re bracing yourselves….but, you can relax.

Raven, who was choosing her words very wisely, said the black community needs to organize in order to invoke change…starting with flexing our economic power.

We have to find some way or somebody to help with the organization of this change – this revolution that needs to happen.

And I was talking to my mom yesterday, she said, ‘You know, let’s take for instance, the tragedy that happened in Miami and in North Carolina.’

What did people do? They went for the pockets! They went for the wallet! And I’m not an organizer whatsoever – people get mad at me for the things I say, but if I was to make any kind of change…I would say, ‘You know what? Put your money in other companies that support who you are as a person. That support what your color is.’ I can’t believe I have to say that in 2016 – ’That support your color.’

It’s said that by 2017, there is going to be $1.3 trillion buying power in the black community alone. If you took that away from certain people, don’t you think they would make change?

50 Cent chimed in with, “Immediately.”

Watch the clip below.



Good for you, Raven!

She’s right! Just last week, over 8,000 people opened accounts with black-owned Citizens Trust Bank.

We have the power – it’s time to organize and strategize. The change is underway…

Your thoughts?