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Rasheeda’s Husband Kirk Frost Allegedly Fathered Secret Baby, Sued By Mistress For Child Support

Rasheeda's Husband Kirk Frost Allegedly Fathered Secret Baby


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Kirk Frost has allegedly fathered a child outside of his 18-year marriage to Rasheeda and now his ex-mistress is suing him for child support.

Jasmine Washington claims she was Kirk’s mistress for over a year and the two welcomed a baby boy, Kannon Mekhi Washington, last year.

Kirk was the ultimate sugar daddy – encouraging Jasmine not to work, issuing her a living allowance, and giving her a car to drive.

But, when she broke off the relationship last October, Kirk’s well ran dry and he cut off all financial support, took the car back, and disowned the now six-month-old baby boy.

The 27-year-old says she is now in financial distress and is struggling to provide for her child because she doesn’t have a job.

Jasmine Washington is suing Kirk Frost for child support ($2,500 monthly) and she’s requesting a DNA test to establish paternity.

Rasheeda has been hell and high water with Kirk Frost, but I know this hurts. Especially, after he gave their baby boy a DNA test on national television.

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