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Rapper Tekashi69 In Federal Custody On Racketeering, Firearm Charges

Tekashi69 has been jammed up again – this time the controversial rapper is in federal custody on racketeering and firearm charges.

Tekashi (real name Daniel Hernandez), Kifano (Shotti) Jordan, Jensel (Ish) Butler and Faheem (Crippy) Walter were arrested as part of a joint investigation between the New York Police Department, Homeland Security, and the ATF, according to a spokesman for Manhattan U.S. Attorney.

Shotti is Tekashi’s former manager and Crippy was charged with gang assault last month in connection to a shooting at a party in Midtown.

During a recent interview on “The Breakfast Club,” Tekashi talked about firing his entire team and noted that the only two things he’s afraid of is God and the feds.

Looks like he better get Jesus on the mainline.

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