Many are hailing Queen & Slim as a cinematic masterpiece, but Skillz absolutely hated it!

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The Virginia rapper, who is best known for his annual end of the year “Rap Ups,” took to Instagram and slammed the film from the bottom of his soul.

Skillz went on to slam both Lena Waithe and Melina Matsoukas for making a “socially irresponsible” film and for trying to make black trauma a genre.

Read his sound-off below:

I HATED THIS FILM!!! Did yall see the same movie I saw? Because I didnt see a cinematic beautiful love story at all. I saw a black unarmed couple get gunned down in the street!!
A black woman made this? A black woman was responsible for bringing this into theaters? Yall thought this was cool? In todays climate? Really? Yall buying out theaters to see black people killed at the hands of the police? I dont need a movie to see that, it happens all the f**king time.
Yoo @lenawaithe why? @msmelina why would you think this was ok? No silver lining at the end just death… a death that was/is very familiar of the times that we currently live in. This wasnt a love story. They didnt fall in love. They fell into TRUST based on the situation that they were in. And why did the kid have to shoot a black cop in the face and become a martyr!?
He got violently gunned down too ( in the screener you showed it, in the theaters you didnt) why? You took that scene out …thought it was too much for us to see a black young man killed the same manner they always kill us? You showed us all this black unity to end it like that? Nevermind the fact that this idea was pitched to you by James Frey ( google him) who knows nothing of us or our culture. But you wrote it @lenawaithe you thought this was something black people should support?
This movie was socially irrresponsible. I will never watch anything with your name attached to it ever again. I want my money back. Yall want black trauma to be a genre? I know one thing, if I was a filmmaker the one film no hollywood studio would let me make right now? One that ends in a mass shooting. Why? Because its too close to whats really happening in the real world.
Everytime I see you I see the face of the person in the next picture. (SWIPE RIGHT) that is who you are to the black community.
F?&k this film.

See his original post below.

Whew! Tell em why you mad, son!

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What are your thoughts on Skillz’s rant about Queen & Slim?