Ramsey Orta, Man Who Filmed Eric Garner's Death, Sentenced To 4 Years In Prison

Ramsey Orta, the man who filmed Eric Garner‘s tragic death, was sentenced to 4 years in prison on Monday for possession of a weapon and drug charges.

Via NY Daily News:

Authorities charged he sold heroin, crack cocaine, marijuana, oxycodone and anti-anxiety pills to an undercover officer nine times. He was also busted with a .25-caliber handgun.

Since filming NYPD cop Daniel Pantaleo put Garner in a fatal chokehold in 2014, Orta has had several run-ins with the law.

His supporters have said he is the victim of police retaliation.

“Ramsey filmed Eric’s last words, and that’s how my child will hear his voice,” said Jewel Miller, the mother of Eric Garner’s youngest child, who attended the sentencing.

“Ramsey Orta is a young boy. He’s just getting into adulthood. He’s just becoming a man and it’s really sad.”

The night before his sentencing, Ramsey posted a heartbreaking photo with his daughter, Alivia, with the caption, “Last night with my Queen, till we meet again Baby Girl!!”



Ramsey has already expressed he fears for his safety in prison and has said if anything happens to him during his incarceration – he didn’t do it to himself.

Meanwhile, Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who choked Eric Garner to death is chillin.

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