Rachel Dolezal to release book on racial identity

Rachel Dolezal To Release Book On Racial Identity

It’s been a year since Rachel Dolezal was outed as a white woman.

Rachel has weathered the storm of embarrassment and public ridicule fairly well.

She’s moving forward and has even welcomed a baby boy.

Now, we’ve learned the faux Nubian queen is planning to release a book on racial identity.

During an interview on “The Today Show,” Rachel explained her inspiration for writing the book.

I’ve heard a lot of stories from people around the world about their lives being somehow caught between boundary lines of race or culture or ethnicity. [It’s about] this larger issue of if you don’t fit into one box and if you don’t stay there your whole life, being identified from birth as who you are — what does that look like? Race didn’t create racism, but racism created race.

I’m really excited to write the book and get into addressing some of the issues I’ve researched for many years, and I hope to eventually get back to teaching. I have some speaking engagements coming up. I just did a Ted Talk that will be online soon, so [I’m] just looking forward to getting back into racial and social justice work.

Rachel Dolezal’s book will be published by BenBella Books and is slated to arrive in 2017.

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