Whew chile…I live for moments like this!

R. Kelly‘s crisis manager, Darrell Johnson, announced he was resigning hours after he appeared on “CBS This Morning” and admitted he wouldn’t leave his daughter alone with the singer.

Darrell appeared on the show in an attempt to garner sympathy and support for the embattled singer, who is accumulating more indictments than hit singles for his laundry list of alleged sex crimes.

But, the crisis manager found himself in a state of crisis when Gayle King jammed him up by asking if he would leave his own daughter alone with the predatory singer.

Without hesitation, Darrell said, “Absolutely not!”

I wouldn’t leave my daughter with anyone that’s accused of being a pedophile. PeriodT!

Darrell Johnson tried to walk back his comment by telling USA Today that “I should have worded it better.”

He claimed he meant to say: “I would leave my daughter with Kelly because I do not believe he is a pedophile.”

Nah, Bruh! You said what you said!

Watch below.

By the time I put on my bonnet for bed, Darrell had resigned for “personal reasons.”

Whew chile! It looks like homie may need more training in crisis management because he threw his client under the bus and played himself at the same damn time!

Your thoughts on this?