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R. Kelly Under Investigation In Cook County Following Lifetime Docu-Series (Video)


On the heels of R. Kelly allegedly being under criminal investigation in Georgia following the airing of Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly” docu-series, Cook County has also opened an investigation into the allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse.

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Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx held a press conference on Tuesday and asked all women who have been abused by the R&B star in any way to come forward.

The recent allegations against entertainer R. Kelly in the recent Lifetime documentary series are deeply, deeply disturbing.

It is our job, here at the Cook County States Attorneys Office to investigate claims in the interest of justice and public safety.

I should stress that it takes courage to relive and repeatedly experience trauma by telling your story of sexual victimization.

But, we rely heavily on victim accounts and witness statements to prosecute cases involving sexual assault and domestic violence.

I’m here today to encourage victims of sexual assault or domestic violence related to these allegations to please get in touch with our office.

Watch the press conference below.



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