R. Kelly is reportedly suffering from panic attacks because of the backlash surrounding the “Surviving R. Kelly” docu-series.

According to TMZ, the attacks started in the days leading up to the airing of the docu-series and they’ve continued since “Surviving” aired.

One was so bad, the singer reportedly went to the hospital for treatment.

Via TMZ:

Sources connected to the embattled singer tell us the panic attacks started in the days leading up to “Surviving R. Kelly” airing last week. The firestorm that erupted after it aired is affecting him, too, because we’re told they’ve continued … with one attack being so serious, he sought treatment at a hospital.

Our sources say, more often, he’s had doctors make house visits. We’re told the episodes are triggered by the overwhelming backlash Kelly’s getting from celebs and the general public. He’s shocked how the tables have turned … with most people now believing his accusers.

R. Kelly looked perfectly fine as he celebrated his birthday at local Chicago nightclub.


Panic attacks suck. That’s all I got.

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