R. Kelly refuses to perform in Arizona


R. Kelly refuses to perform in Arizona!

If you want some “12 Play”…you’ve got to pay! R. Kelly was scheduled to headline Soul Fest AZ on Saturday, April 25, at Veterans Memorial Park in Tolleson. But, when the promoter didn’t have Kellz’s money, he refused to take the stage and perform.

In a video posted on his Facebook page, R. Kelly regretfully informed his fans that he would not be performing.

Yo, what’s up? It’s your boy Kellz and I just want to let y’all know, I’m right here in Arizona right now. Big ups to all my Arizona fans out here waiting on Kellz. But I gotta let y’all know, unfortunately, I’m not gonna be able to perform even though I’m right here in my trailer and I’m ready to go on stage. But I just got bad news that my management never told me, that they did not give me my money. I haven’t gotten no money for doing this show.

They told me they had the money, so when I got here, the money wasn’t here. So it’s nothing personal against my fans. This is business, y’all. And I hope y’all understand. You know, when they get they money up and they ready to do business and do business correct, R. Kelly will be back here in Arizona to give y’all the best show you ever seen in your life. I love y’all and once again I’m sorry.

Watch below.

Message to my fans in Arizona!

Posted by R. Kelly on Sunday, April 26, 2015


Welp, judging from the video that was posted on YouTube, R. Kelly’s fans didn’t understand. Not one bit!

Once it was announced that R. Kelly would not be performing concertgoers, who spent up to $300 for tickets, went off! Folks were throwing objects, water bottles, and chairs toward the stage.

See video below. (Warning: strong language)



One concertgoer shared his frustrations on AZCentral.com saying, “THIS WAS A RIPOFF!!!! The show started 4 and a half hours LATE, the first act never showed up, the promoters were VERY shady and never paid Kelly so he didn’t perform at all. So after having the crowd pay all that money, some people waited from 2 pm when the doors opened, it was raining, cold, the vendors food was terrible and expensive. I can’t believe just how unprofessional this ‘event’ was. They were still checking the mics at 7 pm…..5 HOURS after letting people in!!!!!!! To top it all off, once the announcement was made that Kelly wasnt performing the promoters DISAPPEARED!!! Leaving an audience of paying customers to wonder why they showed up in the first place.”

Another attendee wrote, “We were just scammed out of $120 dollars and waited from 3-10pm for them to tell us R Kelly wasn’t performing! Worst event ever!!!!!!”

As of Sunday, no refunds have been issued to ticket-holders.

Do you think R. Kelly should have performed for his fans and sued the promoter for his money later?


R. Kelly released a new video of him getting some straightenin’ out in Arizona. Watch below.

To all my Arizona fans I will be back!

A video posted by R. Kelly (@rkelly) on

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