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R. Kelly is reportedly prepping a new website and Facebook page titled “Surviving Lies,” where he…well ?…his team is planning to expose each of his accusers featured in the Lifetime docu-series, “Surviving R. Kelly.”

The website has yet to be launched, but the Facebook page is off and running and it looks like his first target is Asante McGee.

She was the 35-year-old “super fan” who claims she was abused and one of Kell’s “slaves” at his residence in Atlanta.



The Facebook page highlights Asante’s criminal history and alleges Jocelyn Savage‘s parents hired Asante to “infiltrate” R. Kelly’s camp to gather incriminating evidence. (Oh, he definitely didn’t write this.)

But, they claim Asante got her foot in the door and loved being a part of the team…until she was booted for stealing.

The page also includes an alleged recorded conversation between Asante’s ex-boyfriend and her daughter, who says her mother loved living it up with R. Kelly.

Then, there are photos and text messages of Faith Rodgers, the woman who is suing R. Kelly for transmitting Herpes, that are supposed to “prove” she liked calling him “daddy.”

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The “Surviving Lies” Facebook page also promises to post private videos she allegedly sent R. Kelly in full. I hope he knows there are laws against that.

This is a prime example of a narcissistic predator who doesn’t know when to quit!

What happened to the lawsuit against Lifetime?

This is nauseating at this point!

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