R. Kelly's Brother Carey Kelly Blasts Him For Spreading STDs & Sleeping With Men

It be ya own people…

R. Kelly‘s brother, Carey Kelly, had a few things to get off of his chest so he released a song titled, “I Confess,” in response to the singer’s 19-minute song, “I Admit.”

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In the song, posted on YouTube, Carey, who goes by the moniker, “Killa,” accuses his brother of spreading diseases among women and he alludes to the “Pied Piper” sleeping with men.

Killa raps:

You gave them females some crazy disease
Want you to know Momma not pleased
Tell me how them n—-s that tight and you ain’t gotta wife
Something smell fishy, what’s going on
What kinda man want to spend the night in a man home?

Take a listen to the madness below.



This reeks of clout chasing. I suggest someone give Carey a throat lozenge and something constructive to do.

Carey wasn’t the only one who had a response to Kells’ “I Admit” track.

His ex-wife, Drea Kelly also took to social media to fire off her own remix where she blasted the R&B singer for being physically and emotionally abusive during their marriage.

She also blasted him for being a deadbeat dad.

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Whew chile….the mess!

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