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A woman who filed a civil suit against R. Kelly for sexual abuse has received a default judgment after the embattled R&B singer failed to show up for court.

Via CBS Chicago:

The woman, who says she was 16 when the abuse happened, filed the lawsuit for at least $50,000 in damages. She says she was 16 when R. Kelly saw her walking down the street and pulled his car over to speak with her on May 26, 1998. An R. Kelly associate then met with the girl’s family, and since the girl was “star struck,” she agreed to meet the singer.

The lawsuit states R. Kelly engaged in sexual intercourse and oral sex with the minor and that Kelly acknowledged the behavior was inappropriate.

R. Kelly is slated to appear in court on  May 8. At that time, Judge Moira Johnson will hear the victim’s testimony to determine how much the singer will have to pay.



My spidey senses are telling me it doesn’t matter what the judge awards the accuser…R. Kelly isn’t going to pay her.

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