Treach On Naughty By Nature

If it ain’t about the money…Treach says the members of the legendary Hip Hop trio, Naughty By Nature, don’t “f**k with each other.”

While beefing back and forth with The Game‘s manager, Wack 100, over his remarks about Tupac, Treach made it very clear there is no longer a brotherhood between himself, Vin Rock, and DJ Kay Gee.

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Treach posted a photo of himself and Tupac with the caption:

1st off loyalty has no expiration date, & FYI Kaygee & Vinnie don’t walk in the same shoes I do, to keep it 1000 with ya’ll we don’t f**k with each other @ all except on stage, I take responsibility for all I do, so don’t question them about sh*t I do get @ me!! I ain’t cut from he same cloth, dat part right there.

After blasting and disrespecting the heck out of Pepa on social media, beefing with Wack 100, and this new revelation (well, it’s news to me) about Naughty By Nature…it appears Treach is the common denominator.

Homie needs to sit down somewhere.

I can’t front, as a Jersey girl who LOVED Naughty growing up – this hurts my feelings.

Your thoughts?

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